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$0.25 and 15 Minute Stovetop Grilled Corn

This title must be a typo. Grilled corn in an apartment kitchen? Yep. Sweet, delicious corn that brings the smell of summer right into your own kitchen. And no, you don't need a grill. All you need is a stove and you're good to go! Next time you see corn on sale at the grocery store, text your friends, make some $4 Apartment Ribs, $0.90 and 40 Minute Cauliflower Faux-Potato Salad and some $0.25 and 15 Minute Grilled Corn!

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$6 And 10 Minute Mason Jar of Almond Cashew Pesto

What makes eggs better? Pesto. What makes beans better? Pesto. What makes salad better? Pesto. What makes my life better? Pesto (and my beautiful, loving girlfriend, of course!). I think you're starting to see the theme here. Pesto makes everything better. And what makes better, even better? A jar of almond cashew pesto that only costs $6 and can be made in 10 minutes.

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$1.25 and 30 Minute Crispy Brussels Sprouts

I'm all for some great restaurant crispy Brussels sprouts but for $8-10 dollars an appetizer plate, it's just not financially sustainable. There's got to be a way to get these delicious vegetables on the plate every night without breaking the bank. Good thing you can pick some up at the grocery store for $2.50 and in 30 minutes you can recreate that restaurant experience for you and a friend in your own kitchen!