My Philosophy

My Philosophy

We need to change our relationship with food. Our bodies crave large quantities of quick, high-calorie foods (such as processed cane sugar, corn syrup, or all-purpose flour) so that we can store excess calories for later. And this makes a lot of sense if food is scarce. If you don’t know when you’ll eat your next meal, then you should eat as many calories as possible whenever possible. However, this not the case for the world we live in. Food, especially processed food, is now available and affordable. We can eat anything we want at any time. So the question becomes what should we eat?

It starts with acknowledging that we have short-term cravings (sugar) and long-term goals (to live a long and happy life). However, these short term and long term goals do not always align. Unfortunately, the morning donut does not support the long-term goal of extending our healthy lifespan.

So we need to disassociate how fluffy bread is from the quality of that bread and how sweet and sticky granola is from the quality of that granola. The emphasis needs to shift to thinking about how the ingredients we eat today will affect our future selves. This is not to say that immense immediate pleasure cannot be derived from a healthy meal, because I strongly believe it can be. But instead of that pleasure coming from fulfilling a sugar craving, it comes from being in control. It comes from knowing what you’re eating, how much it costs, and how you cooked it. Plus, the sense of accomplishment that comes from the fact you made it and you can make it again.

That’s why on this site you’ll find recipe templates that minimize the number of ingredients, steps, and appliances you need to create delicious, healthy meals. My focus is on using local grocery store ingredients and minimizing sweetener of any kind. My goal is to strip away any unnecessary complexity, ingredients, and cost behind cooking and encourage you to have more dinner parties. Or homemade brunches. Or picnics. Because gathering with friends and family over healthy, homemade food builds the long-term supportive community we all seek to create.

As always, make informed food decisions. Know your ingredients, know your costs.

$0.50 and 40 Minute Chocolate Peppermint Refined Sugar Free Granola with flax seeds used as a binding agent instead of brown sugar.

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