Food Prep Tips

Just like every recipe has it’s tips/tricks so does every food. The following is a compilation of miscellaneous food prep and storage tips that apply to multiple different recipes. I am continuously learning new ones as I test out new recipes and will do my best to keep this page of fun/interesting/weird food facts up to date!


  • The apple slices can be stored in a plastic bag with a little lemon juice to keep them crisp.
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  • To prep the garlic, separate 2 cloves from the bunch. Remove any outer layer that comes off easily. Lay the garlic cloves on their side. Use the broad side of the kitchen knife and press down on each clove until you hear a cracking sound. Use your hand to remove the final layer that connects to the bulk clove. Once you have removed the skin, chop off the brown part at the bottom of the clove where it connected to the bunch. Chop the rest as finely as possible.
  • Pre-prepared minced garlic will work in a bind, but garlic cloves lose most of their good antioxidants within a couple days of being crushed. Pre-prepared garlic may be convenient, however it lacks the nutritional value and taste of the fresh stuff!
  • Last note on garlic: Anything that touches garlic, will smell like garlic. Wash your hands and anything else the garlic touched thoroughly. You have been warned.
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  • Rinse and then roll lemons on the cutting board pressing down firmly with the palm of your hand in order to release more juices.
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  • The picture below shows how to peel and chop a mango! An added benefit of doing the prep work yourself – you get to clean the seed with your teeth and get all the extra fruit.

Cut Mango


  • How to chop zucchini/yellow squash: Cut into 1/2″ rings. Create two stacks. Cut each stack into four parts. Add to the large bowl!

Zucchini Prep