Brave The Fish Counter

Brave The Fish Counter

When I began grocery shopping on my own, for the first two years I didn’t have the courage to walk up to the fish counter at the grocery store. I didn’t feel worthy. I thought seafood was best cooked by professional chefs in restaurants, so even if I built up the nerve to buy some sort of fish, I’d just be wasting money. Let alone that I had no idea what I would say once I got to the counter. I figured the conversation would go kind of like this: “Hi…. Uhhhh… I want some of that one *finger point*.” I figure the response would be, “Why? How are you going to cook it?” To which I’d respond “I don’t know…” and sulk back to the chicken breast. Like the person working behind the fish counter was a bouncer, scrutinizing everyone’s chef license before allowing entry into their private club.

But of course, reality can be very different from my imagination. One day, I decided to take advantage of a good mood and walked up to the counter. “Hi,” I said, “I’d like a pound of sockeye salmon.” I braced myself for the round of hard questioning that was sure to come, but the only response I received from the employee was “ok.” Apparently, the fish club just lets anyone in.

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I began to take advantage of the benefits of my lifetime membership weekly. Instead of cutting my fish at home, I began requesting that the grocery store employee slice it to my liking. Instead of playing roulette with which filet I received, I began requesting a specific section of the fish that looked best to me (I prefer the thick end of the fillet. The more uniform the fillet is, the more consistently it will cook). Still no questions, no push back! The response would be a smile, an “ok, here you go” and maybe even a little pleasant small talk about the day. No longer did I leave the fish counter with just fish, but with the exact cut of the exact fish that I wanted.

baked salmon or trout
$4 and 15 Minute Baked Salmon or Trout

Did I mention the financial benefits of being a part of the club? The price for pre-packaged, “center-cut” salmon away from the fish counter is often $1-2 more per pound. As shown above, it is just as easy to get this “center-cut” by walking up to the counter and asking for it. Not only do you get your choice, you get the fish for less money!

And if you need any extra incentive, see below for some ideas about what you can create! As always, make informed food decisions. Know your ingredients, know your costs.

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